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Whale temple phan thiet tour The custom of worshiping Ong fish is a long-standing folk tradition in the Central Coast and the South of Vietnam, whereby the Nghinh Ong festival is solemnly held every year in coastal fishing villages. In Phan Thiet, there is Van Thuy Tu Palace, a relic dating from 1762 with ancient and profound beauty, which is a symbol of the beliefs of the Ong fishing of fishermen in Phan Thiet tourism area. holds the largest Mr. skeleton in Southeast Asia.

Ca Ong, or gray-backed whale, which according to fishermen is Nam Hai god. With their customs, or instincts, at times when there are storms at sea, whales often rely on large ships to avoid storms. This has inadvertently saved many boats to overcome the violent storms. To show their gratitude, the fishermen gradually transformed the whale into a spirit of the sea, dedicated to helping people in distress at sea and worshiped with other gods who helped and blessed them.

Ong’s Palace, officially called Dinh Van Thuy Tu, is located on Ngu Ong Street, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan, built in 1762 to worship Nam Hai. According to legend, after the Palace was built, there was a very big grandfather drifting to the front bank. Local fishermen were mobilized to take him to burial grounds. Because he was too big, it took him two days to bring ashore and solemn burial. Ong skeleton with a length of 22m, weighs 65 tons, is now rebuilt and placed on a solid stainless steel frame, above the model of a large boat placed solemnly in the Palace.

Dinh Van Thuy Tu is a temple built long ago inPhan Thietwith quite special architecture. Through the three-gate gate, quite deep inside is the main sanctuary of Nam Hai Cu Toc Ngoc Lan. On the left is the worshiping of Thuy Long, a holy princess, who worshiped God, and on the right, worshiped the Thai religious monk. Behind the Palace is a storage room that preserves more than 100 whale skeletons dating back over 150 years, including the largest whale skeleton in Southeast Asia.

In addition, Van Thuy Tu Palace still preserves many artifacts of historical and cultural value of Binh Thuan love such as 24 ordinations of Nguyen kings (because Nguyen generals were rescued by whales at sea. many times), or the horizontal panels and couplets in Han-Nom script on the ancient bronze bell over 140 years old …

Visiting the mansion of Mr. Phan Thiet, the tourists of Phan Thiet Tet 2020 have the opportunity to hear the legends about the epiphany of the Ong fish who saved people from calamities and storms at sea and to learn about the custom of worshiping gods Nam Hai’s fishermen in this area.

Phan thiet tour

Phan Thiet Tour Phan Thiet Tour

Highight of Phan Thiet Tour

  • Poshanu Tower
  • Phan Thiet Fishing Port
  • Ho Chi Minh Museum
  • Duc Thanh School
  • Whale Temple
  • PhanThiet Market

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Private car 16 seaters 10-12 1.500.000 vnd

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